Iron Mountain Intermission

Title:  Pt 3 Discussion On Pt 2 read Penelopeniciaj

Date: July 11, 2021


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"There is nothing inherently unworkable about this plan, and using the existing military system to effectuate its demise is both ingenious and convenient. But even on a greatly magnified world basis, social-welfare expenditures must sooner or later renter the atmosphere of the normal economy. "

"On the short-term basis, a maximum program of this sort could replace a normal military spending program, provided it was designed, like the military model, to be subject to arbitrary control. Public housing starts, for example, or the development of modern medical centers might be accelerated or halted from time to time". 

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- Iron Mountain Intermission - 
Pt 3 Discussion On Pt 2 read Penelopenicia










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Arms Control and Disarmament Act of 1961

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