Ted Gunderson Report On Micheal Riconosciuto

Title:  Terrorists' Activities Warned About 911 Months In Advance

Date: July 22, 2022


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148 PAGE File w/ Exhibits INCLUDED

There are many roads Ex FBI Senior Special agent, Security Coordinator, Investigator, consultant, & Chief Inspector  Ted Gunderson has travelled. The road he took with Micheal J. Riconosciuto was one filled with detail and persistence.  However, no matter how truthful or tenacious he seemed to never win the ball. Here in the document I go through the story that Ted & Micheal, plead and spent plenty hours writing Congress to WARN about an upcoming attack on the USA. A total of 30 terrorists who planned to hijack six planes. Sent certified letters to all Congressional members. He also warned of a 30 hour "window" relation to the possible interception of 37 Soviet missiles that had been smuggled into the United States by the terrorists. 

Warnings were ignored. Why ?

watch for the link to the document on Penelopenicia website. 

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- Ted Gunderson Report On Micheal Riconosciuto -
Terrorists' Activities Warned About 911 Months In Advance 









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