Episode 17 - Patriots In-fighting for Greed? Fame or NWO?

Title: Patriots In-fighting for Greed? Fame or NWO?

Date: December 24, 2021

Description:  Listen to Jodar & Penelopenicia talk about the beginning of the q movement and how it was hijacked by misinformation, paytriots, jealousy, sheeple, & disinformation. As time went on they began to notice they had a different perspective of what the Trump administration was doing & leaving us to hold strong to our beliefs, Israel is in charge.  Now there are the bigger named people going after one another for what reasons ? Why did General Flynn read 7 Rays of Light Satanic Cult Prayer ? Roger Stone is going after Steve Bannon, Patrick is after Sydney, Bergy is after Tore, Webb is after Patrick HAS EVERYONE REACHED THEIR Peter principle. www.penelopenicia.com for podcast link info


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Penelopenicia - Episode 17 - Patriots In-fighting for
Greed? Fame? or NWO?








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Pro-Trump Lawyer Lin Wood Rips 'Not Very Smart' Mike Flynn, Claims They're at 'War'
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Lin Wood Accused of Leaving Kyle Rittenhouse in Jail to Raise Money
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 Pro-Trump Lawyer Mocked For Claiming Mike Pence Guilty Of Treason
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In a ‘Kraken’ Christmas Carol, a Secret Sidney Powell Witness’s Yuletide Fraud Case Haunts Her Three Years Later*
*The above link is NOT to cause further contention, but to document where the accusations come from.
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Michael Flynn Prayer


Patrick Bergy





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