Episode 15 - Ghislaine Maxwell & Israel Spy Software

Title: Ghislaine Maxwell & Israel Spy Software

Date: December 9,2021

Description:  Join Penelopenicia as she goes into some Information she has volleyed around for a couple years. This is a ball of string to unravel as the Maxwell case is pulled through the courts. As we hope the names of those guilty of spying on our American politicians & citizens will be brought to light. The interference of our Governmental infrastructure has molded and shaped America not always for the best for the American people. Jeffery Epstein, Ehud Barak,Unit 8200 & many more along with Robert Maxwell & Ghislaine Maxwell will be in the center of this lie told to the American people.  Listen as Penelope begins to bring to light the truth with the help of a 2019 recording from Lee Stranahan & Whitney Webb. Double confirmation from articles and discussing previous work Penelope has done. This is the first of much and many more parts to come on this travesty of foreign interference from foreign bad actors & some American dual citizenship politicians. This is about BLACKMAIL & CONTROL. Find me on Penelopenicia.com & Penelopenicia.net

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Penelopenicia - Episode 11 - Isreal Spy Software, Epstein,
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   Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy (Israel stole the PROMIS software)

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    Who’s afraid of Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone on this list

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   The murky life and death of Robert Maxwell – and how it shaped his daughter Ghislaine

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   A Kingpin, the Mob, and a Murder: The Deeper Mystery behind the Arthur Shapiro Homicide

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